After Clicking Submit on Your Form:

General Instructions/Procedures:

Responses can be downloaded by going to the “Custom Form” Record in MP and Using the “Form Responses Tool”

  • Link to Forms: Certificate – Quick Baptism … (
  • Click the Tools icon and Select “Form Responses Tool”
  • Enter the Date Range to limit the record export.
  • Click the link to download the “csv” file
  • Going back to the Form Record, on the right side, underneath the “Files” dropdown menu, there should be a Word Document entitled “Certificate of Baptism” … You can open it in preview and then you can download the file to your computer by clicking the “Down Arrow”
  • Opening the File in Microsoft Word (Desktop App), Click “Enable Editing” and then “NO” to running a “SQL Command”
  • Click the top Ribbon Tab for “Mailings” and then “Select Recipients” and “Use an Existing List”
  • Find the recently downloaded file in your “Downloads” folder. It will look something like this: FormResponse-638123504083327670.csv
  • Then you can click “Preview Results” under the “Mailings” ribbon.
  • If you are making only one certificate, you can navigate to the record that shows the Certificate information and Print the certificate.
  • If you are making more than one certificate, you can select “Finish and Merge” from the “Mailings” ribbon and Select “Edit Individual Documents”